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Macao Special Administrative Region passport: Quiz


Question 1: Pages in the passport are special-purpose papers printed with the watermark of ________, Rainbow pattern at the bottom of pages and the embossment of Lotus flower.
Mount TaiGreat Wall of ChinaForbidden CityPingyao

Question 2: 2 Name disputed by Greece; see ________.
CyprusAzerbaijanSerbiaMacedonia naming dispute

Question 3: Besides personal data, the supplemental page of passport is printed with the picture and ________ of that holder.
DNA profilingForensic entomologyForensic scienceFingerprint

Question 4: The Identification Bureau of the Macao SAR Government has announced the plan to issue ________ and e-travel-permits starting from September 1, 2009.
Albanian passportUnited States passportHong Kong Special Administrative Region passportBiometric passport

Question 5: See also: Portuguese Passport ________ Declaration Form for Holders of the Macau SAR Permanent Resident Identity Card to Hong Kong SAR
Hong Kong Identity CardBritish National (Overseas)Home Return PermitHong Kong Special Administrative Region passport

Question 6: The text is in three languages: ________, Portuguese and English.
Chinese characterTraditional Chinese charactersSimplified Chinese charactersKanji

Question 7: The design of personal data has been used the form which is recommended by the ________.
Air traffic controlAirportOneworldInternational Civil Aviation Organization


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