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Macanese people: Quiz


Question 1: Historically, many ethnic Macanese spoke the ________, a Portuguese-based creole, now virtually extinct.
Sri Lankan Portuguese CreolePapiamentoMacanese languageKristang language

Question 2: More specifically, the Macanese (Portuguese: Macaense; Chinese: 土生葡人, "native-born Portuguese people") are an ________ which originated in Macau since the 16th century, comprising mostly of people with some Portuguese ancestry.
South Asian ethnic groupsMoresIndigenous peoplesEthnic group

Question 3: 羅保議員 (Sir Roger Lobo) - former ________ member, from the well known Macau Lobo family.
Legislative Council of Hong KongNational People's CongressAudrey EuLegislative Assembly of Macau

Question 4: These Eurasians have their ancestry from the Britons, ________, Canadians, Australians, and some other Europeans who live in Macau for business.
German AmericanWhite AmericanItalian AmericanEuropean American

Question 5: The community acted as the interface between ruling ________ government - Portuguese from Portugal who knew little about Chinese - and the Chinese majority (95% of population) who knew equally little about the Portuguese.
ColonialismSpanish EmpirePortuguese EmpireBritish Empire

Question 6: Macanese (traditional Chinese: 澳門人, "people of Macau") can be a general term for the residents or natives of ________, a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China and a former Portuguese colony.
Hong KongMacauEast TimorMaldives

Question 7: Hence, it is surmised that many Macanese with surnames of ________ or Rosa probably were of Chinese ancestry.
Buenos AiresCórdoba, ArgentinaRosario, Santa FeArgentina


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