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Mac OS 9: Quiz


Question 1:
Who developed Mac OS 9?
Sandeep Dutta and others
Carsten Knudsen
Apple Computer Inc.

Question 2:
When was Mac OS 9 released?

Question 3:
When was the Mac OS 9?
January 2009
February 2009

Question 4:
What license is Mac OS 9 distributed under?
GNU General Public License v2
Mozilla Public License
Proprietary with GNU GPL Ambient user interface

Question 5: Mac OS 9 is the final major release of Apple's "Classic" ________.
MacintoshMac OS XMac OSFinder (software)

Question 6:
What family does Mac OS 9 belong to?
Lilimae Clements
Leticia Navarro
Valene Ewing
Mac OS

Question 7: A redesigned Sound control panel and support for ________ audio.
Universal Serial BusEIA-422PCI ExpressConventional PCI

Question 8: Apple discontinued development of Mac OS 9 in 2002, transitioning all future development to ________.
Safari (web browser)Mac OS XMac OS X ServerQuickTime

Question 9: PowerPC versions of ________ prior to 10.5 include a compatibility layer called Classic, enabling users to run applications and hardware requiring Mac OS 9 from within Mac OS X.
QuickTimeMac OS XMac OS X ServerSafari (web browser)

Question 10: Speakable Items 2.0, also known as ________, featuring improved speech synthesis and recognition along with AppleScript integration.
Mac OS X PantherMacintoshPlainTalkSystem 7


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