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Question 1: It contains detailed ________ on many historical and contemporary mathematicians, as well as information on famous curves and various topics in the history of mathematics.
Classical antiquityBiographyHistoriographyAlexander the Great

Question 2: They have concentrated on areas where O'Connor and Robertson think that the computer, and particularly graphics capabilities of the ________, can give insights not available in other ways.
Macintosh hardwareMacintoshPowerBookPower Macintosh G3

Question 3: The History of Mathematics archive is part of a larger project, the Mathematical MacTutor system, by the same authors, which is an 18-megabyte ________ database.
Mac OS XHyperCardQuickTimeSafari (web browser)

Question 4: O'Connor and Edmund F. Robertson and hosted by the University of St Andrews in ________.
EnglandWalesScotlandUnited Kingdom


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