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M postcode area: Quiz


Question 1: The M postcode area, also known as the Manchester postcode area,[2] is a group of several postal districts in Greater Manchester, ________.
WalesEnglandUnited KingdomScotland

Question 2: The entirety of the metropolitan district of the ________ itself is included within the area, except for Ringway, which is in WA15.
Greater ManchesterManchesterSalford, Greater ManchesterCity of Salford

Question 3: The postcode area also includes nearly all of the ________ and most of the borough of Trafford.
Salford, Greater ManchesterGreater ManchesterCity of SalfordManchester

Question 4: The Manchester post town forms most of the area, and the other two post towns are ________ within it.
Enclave and exclaveUnited StatesRight- and left-hand trafficVatican City

Question 5: ________
List of post towns in the United KingdomList of postcode areas in the United KingdomList of postcode districts in the United KingdomPE postcode area

Question 6: Before the introduction of postcodes in the 1960s, Manchester along with other major cities like ________, Liverpool and Sheffield was divided into numbered postal districts.

Question 7: The area is divided into three post towns: ________, Salford, and Sale.


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