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Question 1: The set of MX records of a domain name specifies how email should be routed with the ________.
Internet Message Access ProtocolSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolPost Office ProtocolE-mail

Question 2: The other alternative mentioned in the RFC is to use what appears to be a multi-homed ________ for a mail server.
List of DNS record typesDomain Name SystemDomain Name System Security ExtensionsZero configuration networking

Question 3: The ________ protocol establishes a store-and-forward network, and if a domain's mail servers are all offline, sending servers are required to queue messages destined for that domain to retry later.
E-mailSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolPost Office ProtocolInternet Message Access Protocol

Question 4: Some servers (such as ________ and Postfix 2.1 or later [2]) will attempt the next-furthest MX server after some types of temporary delivery failures, such as greeting failures[3].
EximSendmailPostfix (software)Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


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