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MSX: Quiz


Question 1:
When was MSX released?
August, 1999

Question 2:
What company manufactures MSX?
Fabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles Domingo Matheu
Allgemeine Elektricitu00E4ts-Gesellschaft
Fabbrica Fratelli Giandoso
National, Sony, and many others

Question 3:
When was MSX discontinued?

Question 4: MSX computers are ________ on many platforms today.
Assembly languageOperating systemComputer programEmulator

Question 5: The "one chip-MSX" is similar in concept to the C-One, a ________ clone also build on the basis of a single FPGA chip.
Commodore 128Commodore 64Commodore VIC-20Commodore SX-64

Question 6: MSX2: Philips, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, ________, Victor (a.k.a.
Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesMitsubishiMitsubishi MotorsNikon

Question 7: ________ - this advanced SLR camera had an optional Data Memory Back storing shot data on photos taken.
Canon AE-1Canon EF cameraCanon T90Canon EOS

Question 8: The effect of ________ when using the old 256x192 Highres mode of MSX 1, (which was less severe than for example the Spectrum, but still a nuisance).
ZX SpectrumAttribute clashVideo Display ControllerCommodore 64

Question 9: The MSX TurboR was introduced in 1990 but was unsuccessful due to a lack of support and the rise in popularity of the by then well-established ________ market.
Personal computerOperating systemMacintoshIBM PC compatible

Question 10: ________ drives were available for MSX however, in the form of a cartridge containing the disk interface electronics and a BIOS extension ROM (the floppy disk drive interface), connected to an external case with the drive.
USB flash driveFloppy diskHard disk driveFile Allocation Table

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