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MPEG-2: Quiz


Question 1: The data in each block is transformed by a ________.
Modified discrete cosine transformDiscrete cosine transformData compressionCode excited linear prediction

Question 2: In the case of free software such as ________ (which uses the ffmpeg library) and in which the software is not sold, the end-user bears the royalty.
Flash VideoContainer format (digital)QuickTimeVLC media player

Question 3: These describe the brightness and the color of the pixel (see ________).
YCbCrYUVRGB color modelHSL and HSV

Question 4: ________ (DD, also known as AC-3): 48 kHz, 32–448 kbit/s, up to 5.1 channels
Dolby DigitalFree Lossless Audio CodecWavPackAudio compression (data)

Question 5: MPEG-2 Systems also defines the MPEG program stream, a container format designed for file-based media such as hard disk drives, optical discs and ________.
Flash memoryRead-only memoryDynamic random access memoryRandom-access memory

Question 6: Approximately 640 ________ worldwide make up the "essential" patents surrounding MPEG-2.
Software patentPatentPatent applicationPatent infringement

Question 7: The Video section, part 2 of MPEG-2, is similar to the previous ________ standard, but also provides support for interlaced video, the format used by analog broadcast TV systems.
MPEG-1Audio compression (data)Data compressionVideo compression

Question 8: ________ (DTS): 754 kbit/s or 1510 kbit/s (not required for DVD player compliance)
Dolby LaboratoriesBlu-ray DiscDolby DigitalDTS (sound system)

Question 9: Parts 1 and 2 of MPEG-2 were developed in a joint collaborative team with ________, and they have a respective catalog number in the ITU-T Recommendation Series.

Question 10: Each picture element (a ________) is then represented by one luma number and two chrominance numbers.
PixelColor Graphics AdapterDisplay resolutionRGB color model

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