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Question 1: A popular and widely implemented such proposal is "________", which is not MP3-specific.
Free Lossless Audio CodecMusic Player DaemonReplay GainAmarok (software)

Question 2: It is a common audio format for consumer audio storage, as well as a de facto standard of digital audio compression for the transfer and playback of music on ________.
Personal computerLaptopDigital audio playerPortable media player

Question 3: Zwicker in the areas of tuning and masking of critical bands,[11][12] that in turn built on the fundamental research in the area from ________ of Harvey Fletcher and his collaborators.
Bell SystemBell LabsWestern ElectricAmerican Telephone & Telegraph

Question 4: A test given to new students by ________ Music Professor Jonathan Berger showed that student preference for MP3 quality music has risen each year.
Silicon ValleySan Jose, CaliforniaPalo Alto, CaliforniaStanford University

Question 5: The ________ standard does not include a precise specification for an MP3 encoder, but does provide example psychoacoustic models, rate loop, and the like in the non-normative part of the original standard.
MPEG-1Video compressionAudio compression (data)Data compression

Question 6:
Which of the following genres does MP3 produce?
Contemporary, Young Adult

Question 7: ________'s usage of its own proprietary Windows Media format allows it to avoid licensing issues associated with these patents by avoiding usage of the MP3 format entirely.
Internet ExplorerMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows

Question 8: The ease of creating and sharing MP3s resulted in widespread ________ infringement.
Intellectual propertyCopyrightPublic domainCopyright on typefaces

Question 9: However, there exist both free and/or proprietary alternatives, with free formats such as ________, AAC, and others.
TheoraVorbisOggFree Lossless Audio Codec

Question 10: MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, more commonly referred to as MP3, is a patented ________ encoding format using a form of lossy data compression.
Compact DiscDigital signal processingSound recording and reproductionDigital audio

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