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MOX fuel: Quiz


Question 1: One attraction of MOX fuel is that it is a way of disposing of surplus weapons-grade plutonium, which otherwise would have to be disposed as nuclear waste, and would remain a ________ risk.
Nuclear proliferationNuclear weaponNuclear weapons testingNuclear arms race

Question 2: This can become ________ (Pu-239) and by successive neutron capture plutonium-240 (Pu-240), plutonium-241 (Pu-241), plutonium-242 (Pu-242) and other transuranic or actinide isotopes.
Integral Fast ReactorNuclear fissionUranium-238Plutonium-239

Question 3: Reprocessing of commercial nuclear fuel to make MOX is done in the United Kingdom and ________, and to a lesser extent in Russia, India and Japan.
ItalyUnited StatesFranceCanada

Question 4: This after heating in 5% hydrogen in ________ will form a mixture of uranium dioxide and plutonium dioxide.

Question 5: The United States is building a MOX plant at the ________ in South Carolina.
Hanford SiteManhattan ProjectSavannah River SitePlutonium

Question 6: While Am-241 is a gamma emitter most of the ________ it emits are low in energy, so 1 mm of lead, or thick glass on a glovebox will give the operators a great deal of protection to their torsos.
PhotonAtomStandard ModelElectron

Question 7: Fuel containing ________ and plutonium oxides has also been studied.

Question 8: According to ________ (AECL), CANDU reactors could use 100% MOX cores without physical modification.
NRXNational Research Universal ReactorAtomic Energy of Canada LimitedChalk River Laboratories

Question 9: All actinides, including TRU or ________ actinides can undergo neutron induced fission with unmoderated or fast neutrons.
CuriumPlutoniumCaliforniumTransuranium element

Question 10: Specifically, it usually refers to a blend of oxides of plutonium and natural uranium, reprocessed uranium, or ________ which behaves similarly (though not identically) to the low-enriched uranium oxide fuel for which most nuclear reactors were designed.
Ionizing radiationRadioactive wasteNuclear proliferationDepleted uranium


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