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Question 1: ________ (1 time)[6]
OVW Southern Tag Team ChampionshipCM PunkJohnny JeterJohn Hennigan

Question 2: [7] While in WWE, their ring personas was that of a trio of Hollywood ________, complete with a red carpet ring entrance, that had them accompanied by "paparazzi".
SupermanSuperheroCelebrityStan Lee

Question 3: Mercury and Nitro first began teaming together in 2004 in OVW, WWE's developmental territory in ________.
Shively, KentuckyLouisville, KentuckySt. Matthews, KentuckyJeffersontown, Kentucky

Question 4: In April 2006, MNM were placed in an angle in which they found themselves in a losing streak against the team of ________.
Matt HardyPaul London and Brian KendrickDave BatistaChris Jericho

Question 5: The concept behind the group was that they were Hollywood ________.
SupermanSuperheroStan LeeCelebrity

Question 6: [5] While in OVW, Nitro and Matthews won the ________ once, holding it for over two months.
CM PunkJohnny JeterJohn HenniganOVW Southern Tag Team Championship

Question 7: The loss of the tag team championship was seen as "bad publicity" by Melina so she introduced ________, a storyline spin doctor to repair their image.
Dave BatistaJillian HallWorld Wrestling EntertainmentJohn Cena

Question 8: [19] Together, Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal, challenged Mercury and Nitro for the tag titles at ________, in which they defeated MNM to win the title.
No Mercy (2005)The Great American Bash (2005)Judgment Day (2005)WrestleMania 21

Question 9: [5] While working in OVW, Mercury and Nitro captured the ________ on one occasion.
OVW Southern Tag Team ChampionshipJohnny JeterCM PunkJohn Hennigan

Question 10: MNM was formed in the former ________ (WWE) "farm territory" Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW).
WWE SmackDownWorld Wrestling EntertainmentWWE RawChris Jericho

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