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Question 1:
What type is thing is MILAN?
Man-portable anti-tank weapon
Manportable fire-and-forget anti-tank missile
anti-tank gun

Question 2:
What engine does the MILAN use?
Two-stage, solid-fuel rocket; sustainer motor and booster motor
solid-fuel rocket
solid fueled rocket
Bristol Aerojet Murawa two-stage solid-fuel rocket engine.

Question 3:
What kind of service does MILAN get?
Limited Express
since 1972- present
Class C amplifier,
Culver BMT local

Question 4: The later MILAN models have tandem ________ warheads.
Vehicle armourHigh explosive squash headHigh explosive anti-tank warheadM1 Abrams

Question 5:
What company manufactures MILAN?
MBDA, Bharat Dynamics
General Motors, Avtotor and Yulon

Question 6:
What is the diameter of the MILAN?
0.52 m
0.125 m
1,8 m
2.4 m

Question 7:
How long is MILAN?
1.2 m

Question 8:
What era did MILAN belong to?
Early Modern Age
Modern era
Cold War, modern

Question 9:
  • ________ (Ej√©rcito Mexicano) This antitank missile is used over Panhard VBL Scout Cars, at least 16 launchers and several hundread missiles are available.
    Mexican Drug WarMexican NavyMexican Air ForceMexican Army

Question 10:
  • ________ - Was used by infantry and mounted on vehicles.
    Royal Australian NavyAustralian Defence ForceRoyal Australian Air ForceAustralian Army

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