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MG 42: Quiz


Question 1:
What mountain range is MG 42 a part of?
1000 m
500 m point, 1000 m area
1000 m Kucher Model K1
1,000 m to 1,900 m

Question 2:
In which of these wars was the MG 42 used?
War in Afghanistan (2001-present)Iraq War-present
World War II
Vietnam War
Second Sino-Japanese War,

Question 3:
What company manufactures MG 42?
Franco-British Aviation Company
Allgemeine Elektricitu00E4ts-Gesellschaft
Metall und Lackierwarenfabrik Johannes Grou00DFfuu00DF AG

Question 4: During the 1930s the German Army introduced the ________, considered to be the first modern general purpose machine gun.
Karabiner 98kFG 42MG 42MG 34

Question 5:
What kind of service does MG 42 get?
2005- present

Question 6:

Question 7: The MG 42, with small modifications, resulted in the MG 42/59 and ________, which is the primary general purpose machine gun of the modern German army (Bundeswehr).
FN MAGHeckler & Koch G3Rheinmetall MG 3Heckler & Koch HK21

Question 8: The MG 42 is roller-locked and ________ (short recoil) with gas assist.
.380 ACPRecoil operationMachine gunM1911 pistol

Question 9: Its belt-feed mechanism was copied and used in the design of the ________.
M2 Browning machine gunM60 machine gunM240 machine gunM16 rifle

Question 10: Some quantities of M53s were exported to Iraq in the 1980s and saw extensive action during both ________.
Yom Kippur WarSix-Day WarGulf War2006 Lebanon War

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