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Question 1: ________, Professor of Neuroscience, Oxford, stated in the British Medical Journal, "The government’s decisions compromise its commitment to evidence based policy".
Colin BlakemoreStop Huntingdon Animal CrueltyPro-TestHuntingdon Life Sciences

Question 2: Another, reportedly better[citation needed], method is to make use of the ________ to oxidize safrole directly to the MDP2P (3,4-methylenedioxy phenyl-2-propanone) intermediate.
OxygenWacker processCatalysisAcetaldehyde

Question 3: The ability to discuss normally ________-provoking topics with marked ease
Mental confusionEmotionHostilityAnxiety

Question 4: A placebo-controlled study in 15 human volunteers found that 100 mg MDMA increased blood levels of oxytocin and the amount of oxytocin increase was ________ with the subjective prosocial effects of MDMA.
VarianceNormal distributionPearson product-moment correlation coefficientCorrelation and dependence

Question 5:
What is the elimination half life of MDMA?
7-46 hours
10u201328 hours
5 to 7 hours

Question 6:
What is the chemical name of MDMA (IUPAC)

Question 7: ________ or severe chest pain, as well as pulmonary hypertension (PH)
Angina pectorisCoronary artery diseaseMyocardial infarctionAtherosclerosis

Question 8: [11] In ________ and 1954, the United States Army commissioned a study of toxicity and behavioral effects in animals of injected mescaline and several analogues, including MDMA.

Question 9: Because the enzyme ________ is deficient or totally absent in some people[52], it was once hypothesized that these people might have elevated risk when taking MDMA.

Question 10: MDMA first appeared as a street drug in the early 1970s after its counterculture analogue, MDA, became criminalized in the United States in ________.

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