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M79 grenade launcher: Quiz


Question 1:
In which of these wars was the M79 grenade launcher used?

Question 2:
What kind of service does M79 grenade launcher get?
2003 - Present

Question 3: See also ________
United States 40 mm grenadesU.S. Helicopter Armament SubsystemsM79 grenade launcherUnited States Army

Question 4: The M79 was a result of Project Niblick, an attempt to increase firepower for the infantryman by having an explosive projectile more accurate with further range than ________, but more portable than a mortar.
Rifle grenadeM16 rifleHand grenadeM1903 Springfield

Question 5: One of the launchers at ________ was the single-shot break-open, shoulder-fired S-3.
Longfellow National Historic SiteSaugus Iron Works National Historic SiteSpringfield ArmoryAdams National Historical Park

Question 6: The M79 has seen notable limited use during ________, such as for clearing IEDs.
Vietnam WarCentral Intelligence AgencyUnited States Marine CorpsIraq War

Question 7: Moreover, its size meant that a soldier with an M79 would be dedicated to being only a ________, and if he ran out of ammunition had nothing but a pistol and knife to contribute to a firefight.
M16 rifleM203 grenade launcherGrenadierInfantry

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