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M72 LAW: Quiz


Question 1:
What mountain range is M72 LAW a part of?
Wicklow Mountains?
Written range: |center

Question 2:
How long is M72 LAW?
87 minutes approx.
less than 1 m

Question 3:
What type is thing is M72 LAW?
field and anti-tank gun
heavy anti-tank gun
Anti-tank, Anti-personnel, Rocket-propelled grenade

Question 4: The ________ used the Norwegian-built version of the M72 under the designation "Rocket 66mm HEAT L1A1" which was replaced by LAW 80.
Royal Military PoliceBritish Armed ForcesTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)British Army

Question 5:
Who designed M72 LAW?
Susan Kare
David Berlow
FA Spinale, CB Weeks and PV Choate

Question 6: The most common M72 LAWs came prepacked with a rocket containing a 66 mm ________ warhead which is attached to the inside of the launcher by the igniter.
Vehicle armourM1 AbramsHigh explosive squash headHigh explosive anti-tank warhead

Question 7: ________
Barrett M82Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault WeaponM2 Browning machine gunAT4

Question 8: while with the Hesse-Eastern Division of Norris Thermadore, currently produced by Nammo Raufoss AS in ________.
NorwayUnited StatesGermanyPoland

Question 9: The M72 LAW is also extensively used in the ________ (some 70,000 pieces), where it is known under the designations 66 KES 75 (M72A2, no longer in service) and 66 KES 88 (M72A5).
Continuation WarFinnish ArmyWinter WarFinland

Question 10: The XM96 RCR (Riot Control Rocket) had a ________-filled warhead for crowd control and was used with the XM191 quadruple-tube launcher.
CS gasSarinChemical warfareChlorine


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