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Question 1: M5, a variant of the ________, a World War II-era American light tank.
M24 ChaffeeM4 ShermanM3 LeeM3 Stuart

Question 2: ________ An American pop rock band originating from Los Angeles.
Songs About JaneThis Love (Maroon 5 song)Maroon 5It Won't Be Soon Before Long

Question 3: M5 is a song from the album Middle Class Revolt by ________
Perverted by LanguageThe Fall (band)50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be WrongThe Complete Peel Sessions 1978–2004

Question 4: M5, a variant of the ________ military vehicle that was used as an armored personnel carrier.
M3 StuartM3 Half-trackM2 Half Track CarM24 Chaffee

Question 5: ________, a motorway in Sydney, Australia
Metroad 5 (Sydney)Westlink M7M5 South Western MotorwayM4 Western Motorway

Question 6: ________, a luxurious high-performance car
BMW 5 Series (E39)BMW 3 Series (E46)BMW 5 SeriesBMW M5

Question 7: ________, A UK Full class license prefix
Amateur radioAmateur radio repeaterCitizens' band radioD-STAR

Question 8: ________, a VHS-recording camcorder marketed in the 1980's.
List of Panasonic camcordersDVP2 (storage media)AVCHD

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