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Question 1: The M54 was the primary heavy truck of the US Army and ________[1] forces during the Vietnam War.
United States armed forcesUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States NavyUnited States Army

Question 2: It was used to haul cargo, and was also modified to serve as a ________ by adding armour and various weapons, including double, or Quadmount .50 caliber machine guns.
Iraq WarImprovised explosive deviceHigh Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled VehicleGun truck

Question 3: There are two main variants of the truck, the M54A1 (fitted with a Mack ________) and the M54A2 (fitted with a Continental multifuel engine).
Hot bulb engineInternal combustion engineTwo-stroke engineDiesel engine

Question 4: The M54 Truck, officially designated Truck, Cargo, 5 Ton 6x6 M54, is a heavy cargo truck developed by, and deployed primarily with, the ________.
United States NavyUnited States ArmyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Marine Corps

Question 5: The basic M54 is fitted with a Continental ________ engine, whereas variants had different engines (see below).
Internal combustion engineGasolineDiesel fuelFilling station

Question 6: The truck was also used by the US Navy, and US Air Force, and was deployed by ________ forces in Vietnam as well.
Vietnam Air ForceArmy of the Republic of VietnamCao Van Vien1960 South Vietnamese coup attempt


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