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M48 Patton: Quiz


Question 1:
How long is M48 Patton?

Question 2:
In which of these wars was the M48 Patton used?

Question 3:
What company manufactures M48 Patton?
Samsung Electronics and Bang & Olufsen
M48: Chrysler, Fisher Tank Arsenal, Ford Motor Company
General Motors, Avtotor and Yulon
de Havilland Aircraft Company

Question 4: The M48 Patton tank was designed to replace the previous M47 Pattons and ________.
M3 LeeM3 StuartM4 ShermanM24 Chaffee

Question 5: In several incidents, the South Vietnamese Army successfully defeated NVA ________ and T-55 tanks and even slowed the North's offensive.
T-34T-26 tankT-44Iosif Stalin tank

Question 6:
What kind of service does M48 Patton get?
Special Rapid
Class C amplifier,
1950s - 1990s

Question 7: One was between the 1-69th Armor and ________ light amphibious tanks of the NVA 202nd Armored Regiment near Ben Het in 1969[6].

Question 8: M48A5 MOLF - The ________ has added the EMES-18 FCS to their M48A5, denumerating them as “MOLF” for Modular Laser Fire Control System.
GreeceFranceUnited StatesHellenic Army

Question 9:
What engine does the M48 Patton use?
Continental AVDS-1790-5B V12, air-cooled Twin-turbo gasoline engine, 810 hp
Continental W-670-9A; 7 cylinder, 4 cycle, radial gasoline
Continental W-670-9A; 7 cylinder, 4 cycle, gasoline radial engine
Continental AVDS-1790-2, V12, air cooled, twin turbocharged diesel

Question 10:
Which of the following of transmission can the M48 Patton have?
General Motors CD-850-4A or -4B, 2 ranges forward, 1 reverse
3-speed automatic
4-speed manual with floor-mounted shift

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