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M24 Sniper Weapon System: Quiz


Question 1: This was chosen because the designers originally wished to use the powerful but militarily obsolete ________ (7.62x63mm) cartridge, as it was still in procurement channels.
M1903 Springfield.30-06 Springfield.45 ACP.38 Special

Question 2:
What kind of service does M24 Sniper Weapon System get?
All types
Limited Express

Question 3:
How long is M24 Sniper Weapon System?
953/749 mm
Sedan: 4400 mm
1,092 mm, ;
~1015 mm, with 20" barrel,

Question 4:
What company manufactures M24 Sniper Weapon System?
Desert Tactical Arms
Remington Arms
Swiss Arms AG formerly SIG
Central Design Research Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Arms

Question 5:
In which of these wars was the M24 Sniper Weapon System used?
Cold War, Present Day
Gulf War-present
Operation Iraqi Freedom, War in Afghanistan
Operation Enduring Freedom, 2001 to present

Question 6: The ________ uses the MK 13 Sniper Rifle that is shop-built by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC-Crane).
United States NavyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Coast GuardUnited States Marine Corps

Question 7:
What type is thing is M24 Sniper Weapon System?

Question 8: The M24 is referred to as a "weapons system" because it consists of not only a rifle, but also a detachable ________ and other accessories.
Telescopic sightReticleReflex sightIron sight

Question 9: The M24 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) is the military and police version of the ________ rifle, M24 being the model name assigned by the United States Army after adoption as their standard sniper rifle in 1988.
.300 Remington Ultra MagnumM40 rifleRemington 700Cartridge (firearms)

Question 10: Detachable emergency Redfield-Palma International back-up ________, fitted with tabs that fit into slots machined into the front and back of the barrel.
Telescopic sightFirearmIron sightInternal ballistics

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