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Question 1: Many of the lessons learned by Hall would benefit designers of the next generation of breech loaders such as the Sharps rifle (1848), ________ (1860) and others.
Spencer repeating rifleHenry rifleAmerican Civil WarGeorge Armstrong Custer

Question 2: ________
United States Air ForceList of individual weapons of the U.S. armed forcesList of crew-served weapons of the U.S. armed forcesUnited States Marine Corps

Question 3: Breech loading rifles remained overshadowed by common ________ and muzzle loading rifles so prevalent in the early 1800s.
FlintlockMusketEarly Modern warfareMusketeer

Question 4: It used a pivoting chamber breech design and was made with either ________ or percussion cap ignition systems.

Question 5: This was the first breech loading rifle to be adopted in large numbers by any nation's army, but not the first breech loading military rifle - the Ferguson rifle was used briefly by the British Army in the ________.
Saratoga campaignAmerican Revolutionary WarNew York and New Jersey campaignAmerican Revolution

Question 6: The M1819 Hall rifle was a single-shot ________ rifle designed by Captain John H. Hall, patented on May 21, 1811, and adopted by the U.S.
Cartridge (firearms)Brown BessBreech-loading weaponMusket

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