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M110 howitzer: Quiz


Question 1: The M110 was exported to a number of countries and remains in service with three ________ armies - the Greek, Spanish and Turkish.
Non-Aligned MovementCentral Intelligence AgencyAfghanistanNATO

Question 2: ________
List of crew-served weapons of the U.S. armed forcesUnited States ArmyList of individual weapons of the U.S. armed forcesU.S. Helicopter Armament Subsystems

Question 3: (The FV433 Abbot SPG, the M109A2, and the M110A1 were replaced by the AS-90 in the early-mid 1990s.) Used in combat in Operation Granby / ________.
Gulf War2006 Lebanon WarYom Kippur WarSix-Day War

Question 4: The heritage of the M110 goes back to the British 8 inch (203 mm) howitzer of ________.
World War ICaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)Armenian Genocide

Question 5: The 8 inch (203 mm) Self-Propelled Howitzer M110 was the largest available self-propelled howitzer in the ________'s inventory.
United States armed forcesUnited States ArmyUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States Army Africa

Question 6: It has been used in the Vietnam War by the United States Army, and in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm by the United States Army, and the ________.
British ArmyBritish Armed ForcesRoyal Military PoliceTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)

Question 7: T92 Howitzer Motor Carriage - a 240 mm howitzer M1 fitted on a ________ chassis
M26 PershingM4 ShermanM24 ChaffeeT28 Super Heavy Tank

Question 8: Missions include general support, ________, and suppression of enemy air defense systems.
ArtilleryWorld War IIMortar (weapon)Counter-battery fire


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