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M103 heavy tank: Quiz


Question 1: Army Ordnance Center and Museum at ________, Maryland, USA,
Pine Bluff ArsenalAberdeen Proving GroundDugway Proving GroundUnited States biological weapons program

Question 2: The successive versions of the M103 shared many components with the M47 and ________ tanks and the M60, which were all considered main battle tanks.
M48 PattonM46 PattonM41 Walker BulldogM1 Abrams

Question 3: With the disappearance of the heavy tank from US forces came the full acceptance of the ________ in 1960 for the US Army, and 1973 for the US Marine Corps.
T-34Panzer IVTank classificationPanzer I

Question 4: Like the contemporary British Conqueror tank, the M103 was designed to counter Soviet heavies such as the ________ or the T-10 if a conventional World War III broke out.
Iosif Stalin tankT-44PT-76T-34

Question 5: The M103 heavy tank served the United States Army and the US Marines during the ________.
Joseph StalinCold WarVietnam WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 6: The armor is made from welded rolled and cast homogeneous ________ of varying thickness.
Carbon steelStainless steelIronSteel


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