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Müllerian mimicry: Quiz


Question 1: Understanding Müllerian mimicry is impossible without first understanding ________, or warning signals.
AposematismBatesian mimicryConvergent evolutionPredation

Question 2: ________ is not actually necessary for animals which instinctively avoid certain prey,[9] however learning from experience is much more common.

Question 3: Müllerian mimicry need not involve visual mimicry; it may employ any of the ________.
SenseChemosensorSensory systemOlfaction

Question 4: It can be contrasted with ________, where a harmless organism imitating the protected species is referred to as the mimic and the dangerous one being imitated the model.
Vavilovian mimicryAggressive mimicryMüllerian mimicryBatesian mimicry

Question 5: For example in ________ a predator might mimic the food of its prey, luring them towards it and improving its foraging success.
Vavilovian mimicryBatesian mimicryMüllerian mimicryAggressive mimicry


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