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Question 1: [7][8] This work led Phillips to provide an explanation for how ________ speed up a chemical reaction in terms of its physical structures.
EnzymeCofactor (biochemistry)ProteinEnzyme inhibitor

Question 2: Lysozyme is abundant in a number of secretions, such as tears, saliva, ________ and mucus.
Immune systemBreastfeedingInfant formulaBreast milk

Question 3: However, when these protective barriers fail, ________ results.

Question 4: C-type lysozymes are closely related to ________ in sequence and structure making them part of the same family.
CeruloplasminAlpha-lactalbuminAlpha 1-antitrypsinAlpha 1-antichymotrypsin

Question 5: It is also present in cytoplasmic granules of the ________ (PMN).
PhagocyteGranulocyteNeutrophil granulocyteEosinophil granulocyte

Question 6: Whereas the skin is a protective barrier due to its dryness and acidity, the conjunctiva (membrane covering the eye) is instead protected by secreted enzymes, mainly lysozyme and ________.
DefensinCathelicidinPeripheral membrane proteinPore-forming toxin

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