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Lysander: Quiz


Question 1: Lysander was appointed Spartan Nauarch (Admiral) for the ________ in 407 BC.
Aegean civilizationsGreeceAegean SeaSamos Island

Question 2: He was an Athenian who became their leader when Tissaphernes, Persian satrap of ________ and Lydia, had Clearchus of Sparta and the other senior Greek captains captured and executed by Artaxerxes.

Question 3: Back in Sparta by 395 BC, Lysander was instrumental in starting a war with Thebes and other Greek cities to be known as the ________.
Corinthian WarGreco-Persian WarsPeloponnesian WarAncient Greek warfare

Question 4: Greek towns across the Aegean Sea in Ionia were again to be subject to the ________.
Sassanid EmpireAchaemenid EmpireAlexander the GreatMedes

Question 5: They fought their way north through hostile Persians, Armenians, and Kurds to Trapezus, on the coast of the ________ under Xenophon.
Aegean SeaMediterranean SeaBaltic SeaBlack Sea

Question 6: He advanced unopposed into ________; but Artaxerxes II, warned at the last moment by Tissaphernes, hastily gathered an army.
BabyloniaAssyriaAkkadian EmpireSumer

Question 7: When Callicratidas attacked him, Conon retreated to ________, where he was blockaded by Callicratidas’ Spartan fleet.

Question 8: When he reached the ________ River at Thapsacus, he announced that he was marching against Artaxerxes II.
SumerAkkadian EmpireIraqEuphrates

Question 9: The Spartans required the Athenians to raze the walls of Piraeus as well as the ________ which connected Athens and Piraeus; that the Athenians should abandon their colonies, and that Athens should surrender all but twelve of their ships to the Spartans.
Peloponnesian WarGreco-Persian WarsFirst Peloponnesian WarLong Walls

Question 10: Then, Lysander's forces went to the ________ and captured both Byzantium and Chalcedon.

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