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Lyrical Abstraction: Quiz


Question 1: Richard Diebenkorn (and ________ and color field painting)
Central Intelligence AgencyUnited StatesNational Security AgencyAbstract expressionism

Question 2: Larry Zox (and ________ and Hard-edge painting)[17]
Color FieldLyrical AbstractionAbstract expressionismExpressionism

Question 3: Jules Olitski (and ________ and color field painting)[17]
Central Intelligence AgencyUnited StatesNational Security AgencyAbstract expressionism

Question 4: ________, October 13, 1974.
The Boston GlobeThe New York TimesThe New York Times CompanyInternational Herald Tribune

Question 5: American Lyrical Abstraction's European counterpart Neo-expressionism came to dominate the 1980s, and also developed as a response to American Pop Art and Minimalism and borrows heavily from American ________.
United StatesNational Security AgencyCentral Intelligence AgencyAbstract expressionism

Question 6: ________ (and color field painting)
Abstract expressionismColumbus, OhioMorris LouisKenneth Noland

Question 7: Postminimalism often incorporating industrial materials, raw materials, fabrications, found objects, installation, serial repetition, and often with references to ________ and Surrealism is best exemplified in the sculptures of Eva Hesse.
CubismAbstract expressionismDadaExpressionism

Question 8: ________ (and color field painting and Hard-edge painting)[17]
Ronnie LandfieldNew York CityDan ChristensenLyrical Abstraction

Question 9: The New Art: It's Way, Way Out, ________ 29 July 1968: pp. 3,55-63.
NewsweekSlate (magazine)Reader's DigestForeign Policy

Question 10: ________ ( and minimalism, Hard-edge painting, color field painting and sculpture)
Frank StellaLyrical AbstractionAbstract expressionismModernism


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