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Question 1: [25] After the second world war the American ________ returned to the lyric, advocating a poetry that made conventional use of rhyme, meter and stanzas, and was modestly personal in the lyric tradition.
Literary theoryLiterary criticismNew HistoricismNew Criticism

Question 2: The Bengali poet ________ was praised by William Butler Yeats for his lyric poetry and compared with the troubadour poets, when the two met in 1912.
Swami VivekanandaRabindranath TagoreVisva-Bharati UniversityNastanirh

Question 3: ________'s epinician odes, where strophe and antistrophe are followed by an epode, represent an expansion of the same basic principle.
DemosthenesAeschylusAncient GreecePindar

Question 4: Although better known for his epic ________, Luís de Camões is also considered the greatest Portuguese lyric poet of the period.
Os LusíadasVasco da GamaPortugalAeneid

Question 5: Lyric is the dominant poetic idiom in seventeenth century English poetry from John Donne to ________.
Andrew MarvellJohn MiltonUnited KingdomEngland

Question 6: The English Georgian poets such as ________, Walter de la Mare and Edmund Blunden used the lyric form.
Alfred Edward HousmanClassicsA Shropshire LadEngland

Question 7: Notable poets include: Teresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, ________, Lope de Vega.
Garcilaso de la VegaSpainLatinItaly

Question 8: For the ancient Greeks, lyric poetry had a precise technical meaning: verse that was accompanied by a ________ or other stringed instrument (e.g.
HarpByzantine lyraLyreKemenche

Question 9: [6] The lyric poetry of Europe in this period was created largely without reference to the classical past, by the pioneers of courtly poetry and ________.
Romance (love)StorgeChemical basis for loveCourtly love

Question 10: Originating in 10th century Persian, a ________ is a poetic form consisting of couplets that share a rhyme and a refrain.
Persian literatureQawwaliTurkish literatureGhazal


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