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Lymphocyte: Quiz


Question 1: Most, but not all large granular lymphocytes are more commonly known as the ________ (NK cells).
Immune systemNatural killer cellCytotoxic T cellB cell

Question 2: the spleen and ________) where they survey for invading pathogens and/or tumor cells.
Immune systemLymph vesselLymphatic systemLymph node

Question 3: A lymphocyte is a type of white blood cell in the vertebrate ________.
Lymphatic systemAdaptive immune systemImmune systemToll-like receptor

Question 4: Once basis for low T cell lymphocytes occurs when the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infects and destroys T cells (specifically, the ________+ subgroup of T lymphocytes).

Question 5: The three major types of lymphocyte are T cells, ________ and natural killer (NK) cells
Plasma cellT helper cellB cellAdaptive immune system

Question 6: By their appearance under the ________, there are two broad categories of lymphocytes, namely the large granular lymphocytes and the small lymphocytes.
Near-field scanning optical microscopeLens (optics)Optical microscopeMicroscopy

Question 7: NK cells distinguish infected cells and tumors from normal and uninfected cells by recognizing level changes of a surface molecule called MHC (________) class I.
Major histocompatibility complexImmune systemPhagocyteNatural killer cell

Question 8: The small lymphocytes are the T cells and ________.
B cellPlasma cellAdaptive immune systemT helper cell

Question 9: NK cells are a part of ________ and play a major role in defending the host from both tumors and virally infected cells.
Innate immune systemPhagocyteInflammationAdaptive immune system

Question 10: NK cells are activated in response to a family of ________ called interferons.


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