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Lymphatic system: Quiz


Question 1: Some common causes of swollen lymph nodes include infections, infectious mononucleosis, and ________, e.g.

Question 2: If tissue fluid builds up the tissue will swell; this is called ________.

Question 3:
How do you write Lymphatic system in latin?
processus spinosus vertebrae
peritoneum urogenitale
systema lymphoideum
Dioecesis Legionensis

Question 4: Secondary lymphoid tissue provides the environment for the foreign or altered native molecules (________) to interact with the lymphocytes.
Polyclonal B cell responseImmune systemAntigenPhagocyte

Question 5: Rufus of ________, a Roman physician, identified the axillary, inguinal and mesenteric lymph nodes as well as the thymus during the first to second century AD.

Question 6: Lymphoid tissue is found in many organs, particularly the lymph nodes, and in the lymphoid follicles associated with the ________ such as the tonsils.
Endocrine systemImmune systemDigestionStomach

Question 7: The lymphoid tissue is primarily involved in immune responses and consists of ________ and other white blood cells enmeshed in connective tissue through which the lymph passes.
ThymocyteAdaptive immune systemLymphocyteImmune system

Question 8: Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and ________ of cancerous cells via the lymphatic system.
Head and neck cancerChemotherapyMetastasisCancer staging

Question 9: The ________ does not directly come in contact with the parenchymal cells and tissues in the body, but constituents of the blood first exit the microvascular exchange blood vessels to become interstitial fluid, which comes into contact with the parenchymal cells of the body.
PlateletBlood plasmaRed blood cellBlood

Question 10: It consists of connective tissue with various types of white blood cells enmeshed in it, most numerous being the ________.
Adaptive immune systemImmune systemLymphocyteThymocyte

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