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Lymph vessel: Quiz


Question 1: ________: High endothelial venules
Cytotoxic T cellRegulatory T cellT helper cellT cell

Question 2: As part of the ________, lymph vessels are complementary to the vascular system.
SpleenLymphatic systemCirculatory systemImmune system

Question 3: Without functioning lymph vessels, lymph cannot be effectively drained and ________ typically results.

Question 4: Generally, lymph flows away from the tissues to ________ and eventually to either the right lymphatic duct or the largest lymph vessel in the body, the thoracic duct.
Lymphatic systemImmune systemSpleenLymph node

Question 5: Lymph vessels are lined by endothelial cells, and deep to that have a thin layer of ________, and adventitia that bind the lymph vessel to the surroundings.
Skeletal muscleCardiac muscleIntrafusal muscle fiberSmooth muscle

Question 6: In anatomy, lymph vessels (or lymphatic vessels) are thin walled, ________ structures that carry lymph.
Diesel engineInternal combustion engineEngineValve

Question 7: Lymph vessel that carries lymph to a ________ are called the afferent lymph vessel, and one that carries it from a lymph node is called the efferent lymph vessel, from where the lymph may travel to another lymph node or may be returned to a vein, or may travel to a larger lymph duct.
Immune systemSpleenLymphatic systemLymph node


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