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Lycopodiophyta: Quiz


Question 1:
What period does the fossils of the Lycopodiophyta come from?
Silurian - Recent
Mid-Silurian, - Recent
Silurian to Middle Devonian
Silurian to recent

Question 2: The members of this division have a long evolutionary history, and ________ are abundant worldwide, especially in coal deposits.
Geologic time scalePaleontologyGeologyFossil

Question 3: External mold of Lepidodendron from the Upper Carboniferous of ________.
New JerseyOhioIndianaMichigan

Question 4: The ________ species Baragwanathia longifolia represents the earliest identifable Lycopodiophyta, while some Cooksonia seem to be related.
DevonianSilurianGeologic time scaleOrdovician

Question 5: In Fossil Park, ________, Scotland, fossilized Lycopodiophyta trees can be found in sandstone.

Question 6: The spores of Lycopodiophyta are highly flammable and so have been used in ________.
HawaiiUnited StatesFireworksConsumer fireworks

Question 7: During the ________ period, tree-like Lycopodiophyta (such as Lepidodendron) formed huge forests and dominated the land.
CarboniferousOrdovicianDevonianGeologic time scale

Question 8: Their remains formed many fossil ________ deposits.
HydroelectricityWind powerCoalGrid energy storage

Question 9: These species reproduce by shedding spores and have macroscopic ________, although some are homosporous while others are heterosporous.
Alternation of generationsFernPlantGametophyte


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