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Lvov–Sandomierz Offensive: Quiz


Question 1: Harpe's force included two Panzer armies: the 1.Panzer-Armee, under Generaloberst ________ and 4.Panzer-Armee under General der Panzertruppen Walther Nehring.
Paul HausserGotthard HeinriciHans-Valentin HubeJohannes Blaskowitz

Question 2: 1.Panzer.Armee (Generaloberst ________)
Paul HausserJohannes BlaskowitzHans-Valentin HubeGotthard Heinrici

Question 3: Operation Bagration objective was no less than the complete liberation of ________, and also to force the Wehrmacht out of eastern Poland.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaAzerbaijanBelarusSerbia

Question 4: However, due to the complicated inter-service chain of command, Harpe could not directly control the ________ units.
Royal Air ForceLuftwaffeHellenic Air ForceRomanian Air Force

Question 5: A hasty counterattack by the 1.Panzer and 8.Panzer-Divisions as well as the Ukrainian ________ volunteer division 14.Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Galizien (ukrainische Nr.1) took place.
Waffen-SSNazi GermanySchutzstaffelAxis powers

Question 6: However, most of the Red Army and ________ resources were allocated, not to Bagration's Belarusian operation, but the Lvov-Sanomierz operations.
Soviet Air Defence ForcesUkrainian Air ForceSoviet Air ForcesRussian Air Force

Question 7: XXXXVIII.Panzerkorps (General der Panzertruppen ________)
Hermann BalckHasso von ManteuffelGotthard HeinriciErwin Rommel

Question 8: + ________ (from Reserve)
14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Ukrainian)5th SS Panzer Division Wiking3rd SS Division TotenkopfWaffen-SS

Question 9: Using the towns of ________ and Tarnobrzeg on the eastern bank of the river as bases, these attacks caused heavy casualties to the Soviet forces.
Gmina MielecPolandMielecBoża Wola, Subcarpathian Voivodeship

Question 10: Harpe's Army Group was falling back, 4.Panzer-Armee to the Vistula River and 1.Panzer-Armee along with 1.Hungarian Army to the area around ________.
Carpathian MountainsCluj-NapocaTransylvaniaRomania


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