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Luzhou: Quiz


Question 1: Located directly in the downtown of Luzhou, Bao’en pagoda was built in 1148, southern Song Dynasty, and was maintained respectively in 1983 and 1985, ________.
Qing DynastyChinaMing DynastyYuan Dynasty

Question 2: Fangshan scenic spot in Jiangyang county, the litchi and longan orchard along the ________ River and Tuojiang River, Nine Lions scenic spot, the Mt.
Yangtze RiverShanghaiHubeiJiangsu

Question 3: Longtou Pass is the very place where ________ waged Luzhou Uprising and it was listed as a protected historic and cultural relic of Luzhou in April 1984 and a provincial one in 1996.
Mao ZedongChinese Civil WarLong MarchLiu Bocheng

Question 4: In Western ________ (206 BC-AD 23) , Jiangyang county was set up in the area of current Jiangyang district where the Tuojing river and Yangtze river emerged.
Han DynastyMing DynastyTang DynastySong Dynasty

Question 5: Luzhou has the largest river port in ________ on the upper Yangtze, with the capability to load and unload containerships.
Muli Tibetan Autonomous CountySongpan CountySichuanBatang County

Question 6: Total ________ reached 33.11 billion yuan in 2006 (per capita 7,819 yuan).
JEL classification codesGross domestic productEconomyEconomics

Question 7: Originally, it was a temple for Guany (the Lord of Guan) and then rebuilt as an assembly hall of some merchants doing salt business from ________.
Hu CountyLantian CountyBaqiao DistrictShaanxi

Question 8: Constructed in ________, Dragon Head Bridge spans over the Nine Bends Creek and is a precious stone bridge with distinctive style of Ming Dynasty around the country.
Ming DynastyHan DynastyTang DynastySong Dynasty

Question 9: Expressways connecting to ________ and Chongqing were completed in the 1990s.

Question 10: An expressway connecting Luzhou and Longchang is in use and another which is going to connect the city directly with ________ is under construction.


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