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Luther College (Iowa): Quiz


Question 1: Donovan W. Frank, 1973, Article III (life appointment) Federal Judge for the ________ for the District of Minnesota.(1998-present)
United States CongressUnited States district courtUnited States ConstitutionUnited States federal courts

Question 2: Jacob Aall Ottesen Preus, 1903, 20th Governor of ________
North DakotaSaint Paul, MinnesotaMinneapolis – Saint PaulMinnesota

Question 3: Callista Gingrich (formerly Callista Bisek) , 1988, wife of ________, former Speaker of the House of Representatives
Tip O'NeillNancy PelosiJohn William McCormackNewt Gingrich

Question 4: He was played by ________ in the film The Final Season.
2003 in filmSean Astin2004 in film2006 in film

Question 5: Started in 1967, Nordic Fest grew from Luther College Women’s Club annual celebration of ________.
Norwegian Constitution DayRoyal Norwegian NavyNorwayNorwegians

Question 6: Under Sperati, the band undertook several tours of ________, their first in 1914, earning international acclaim for their musical talent.
EuropeWestern EuropeBalkansEastern Europe

Question 7: Thirty-nine percent of freshmen were in the top 10 percent of their high school class, the average high school grade point average was 3.6, and the interquartile range for ________ scores was 1530-1910.
SAT Subject TestsACT (test)MathematicsSAT

Question 8: Collegium Musicum is an Early Music ensemble specializing in the music of the Medieval, Renaissance, and ________ periods.
Western art historyBaroqueMannerismRococo

Question 9: The college committed to reducing its ________ to 50 percent below 2003-2004 levels by 2013, and has achieved a 15.5 percent reduction by 2009.
Ozone depletionCarbon dioxideGreenhouse gasGlobal warming

Question 10: Ingebrikt Grose, 1885, first president of Concordia College, ________ (1891-1893)
Duluth, MinnesotaClay County, MinnesotaSt. Cloud, MinnesotaMoorhead, Minnesota


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