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Luther Bible: Quiz


Question 1: The Luther Bible by reason of its widespread circulation facilitated the emergence of the modern ________ by standardizing it for the peoples of the Holy Roman Empire, an empire embodying most of present day Germany.
Dutch languageGerman languageRomanian languageSpanish language

Question 2: It was published in September 1522, six months after he had returned to ________.

Question 3: Luther left the translating of them largely to ________ and Justus Jonas.
Matthias FlaciusLutheranismPhilipp MelanchthonMartin Luther

Question 4: This translation is considered to be largely responsible for the evolution of the modern ________.
Romanian languageGerman languageSpanish languageDutch language

Question 5: [8] See also Biblical canon, Development of the Christian Biblical canon, and ________.
Old TestamentBiblical apocryphaBibleNew Testament

Question 6: These books and addenda to canonical books are found in the Greek Septuagint but not in the Hebrew ________.
Masoretic TextNevi'imKetuvimBible

Question 7: This is a literalist view rather than an literal view of the Bible which is contrary to all other references in the Bible, especially the ________.
Development of the New Testament canonNew TestamentBiblical canonEpistle of James

Question 8: The Luther Bible is a German ________ by Martin Luther, first printed with both testaments in 1534.
Bible translationsNew TestamentOld TestamentBiblical apocrypha


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