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  • despite shortages of money during the construction of the Deerwood Auditorium in Minnesota, the building was substantially completed in time for its first event, a lutefisk supper?

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Question 1: When a new ________ minister arrives in town from Minnesota, she brings some lutefisk to a potluck welcome dinner.
Christian denominationBaptistMethodismChristianity

Question 2: "Revenge of the Lutefisk", an episode of the animated series ________, uses the dish as a key plot device.
King of the HillFamily GuyThe SimpsonsFuturama

Question 3: [3] In ________ over 3000 tons of lutefisk was sold in Norway, surpassing the annual consumption of cod.

Question 4: Lutefisk is made from dried whitefish (normally ling, but ________ is also used) prepared with lye in a sequence of particular treatments.
Wild fisheriesAtlantic codSillaginidaeCod

Question 5: Quote from ________'s book Pontoon:
Garrison KeillorFred ChildA Prairie Home CompanionBill McGlaughlin

Question 6: While some enthusiasts[1] claim that the dish has been consumed since the time of the Vikings, most believe that its origins lie in the 16th-century ________.

Question 7: Additionally, a classic Norwegian cookbook (Hanna Winsnes) from 1845 tells about how to make lye for lutefisk from a combination of ________ ash, limestone, and water.
BirchAlderOakBetula pendula

Question 8: Quote from ________'s book Lake Wobegon Days:
Bill McGlaughlinA Prairie Home CompanionFred ChildGarrison Keillor

Question 9: The ________ Employees' Right to Know Act specifically exempts lutefisk in defining "toxic substances".

Question 10: Lutefisk sold in North America may also be cooked in a ________.
AluminiumMicrowave ovenX-rayCarcinogen


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