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Lusitanic: Quiz


Question 1: Hispania Lusitania - Second Map of Europe - Book II, Chapter IV from Geography of ________

Question 2: When the modern day country of Portugal was created in the 12th century, it inherited the term, and thus, since then, Lusitanic has also meant related to ________, its people and its culture.
GreeceEast TimorPortugalSpain

Question 3: The Lusitani were mentioned for the first time, by Livy, as ________ mercenaries who incorporated the army of Hannibal, when he fought the Romans.

Question 4: The term can be easily compared to ________ - as this term describes those who speak the Spanish language, have Spanish ancestry from a Spanish-speaking nation or otherwise have cultural ties to Spanish-speaking nations.
HispanicSpainHispanic and Latino AmericansLatin America

Question 5: After the conquest of the peninsula (25-20 BC) Augustus divided it into the southwestern Hispania Baetica and the western Provincia Lusitana that included the territories of ________ and Gallaecia, celtic regions.

Question 6: The term derives from the name of one tribe, the Lusitani, that lived in the Western part of the ________, prior to the Roman conquest; the lands they inhabited were known as Lusitania.
Prehistoric IberiaSpainHispaniaIberian Peninsula

Question 7: However, in the Roman times, the Gallaeci were not part of the ________ province.
LusitaniaHispaniaGallaeciaHispania Tarraconensis

Question 8: In 27 BC the Emperor ________ made a smaller division of the province: Asturia and Gallaecia were ceded to the jurisdiction of the new Provincia Tarraconensis, the former remained as Provincia Lusitania et Vettones.
Roman EmperorAugustusDomitianTiberius

Question 9: The Roman province of ________ comprised what is now central and south Portugal and parts of modern day north-central Spain.
Hispania TarraconensisHispaniaLusitaniaGallaecia


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