Lupus nephritis: Quiz

Question 1: The two most commonly-used agents are mycophenolate mofetil and intravenous ________.

Question 2: The ________ has divided lupus nephritis into five classes based on the biopsy.
Universal Postal UnionSwitzerlandFood and Agriculture OrganizationWorld Health Organization

Question 3: Lupus nephritis is an inflammation of the kidney caused by systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a disease of the ________.
Lymphatic systemImmune systemToll-like receptorAdaptive immune system

Question 4: Such symptoms can include ________, fevers, gastro-intestinal disturbances, headaches, fatigue, and fluid in the joints.

Question 5: The diagnosis of lupus nephritis depends on blood tests, urinalysis, X-rays, ultrasound scans of the kidneys, and a kidney ________.

Question 6: Apart from the kidneys, SLE can also damage the skin, joints, ________ and virtually any organ or system in the body.
Alzheimer's diseaseSensory systemIntracranial pressureNervous system

Question 7: This form typically responds completely to treatment with ________.
GlucocorticoidMineralocorticoidSex steroidCorticosteroid

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