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Lungworm: Quiz


Question 1: To treat tissue inflammation, ________is usually given (5–10 days).

Question 2: It is very important to administer all veterinary prescribed medication and contact your ________of any problems.
Veterinary dentistryVeterinary schoolVeterinary medicineVeterinarian

Question 3: The lungworms in the superfamily Metastrongyloidea include species that infest a wider range of mammals, including sheep, goats and pigs but also ________ and dogs.
Gray WolfCatLionRaccoon

Question 4: In the case of a severe reaction, an anti-inflammatory drug of ________may be given for a brief period (3 to 10 days).
GlucocorticoidMineralocorticoidSex steroidCorticosteroid

Question 5: Different species are found in ________ and deer (D. viviparus), donkeys and horses (D. arnfeldi), and sheep and goats (D. filaria).
Water BuffaloEven-toed ungulateCattleWild boar

Question 6: Lungworms are parasitic ________ worms of the order Strongylida that infest the lungs of vertebrates.

Question 7: The name is used for a variety of different groups of nematodes, some of which also have other common names; what they have in common is that they migrate to their hosts' lungs or respiratory tracts, and cause bronchitis or ________.
Community-acquired pneumoniaPneumoniaRespiratory diseaseObstructive lung disease

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