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Lunar Park: Quiz


Question 1: Ellis told the Manchester Evening News that the Terby "is based on a ________ but also there was this bird-like doll that my older sister had and I wrote a short story about it when I was 7 or 8.
FurbyUnited StatesCNNE.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Question 2: The ________ begins with an inflated and parodic but reasonably accurate portrayal of Ellis' early fame.

Question 3: Mitchell Allen - Mitchell Allen is Bret's neighbour, and is a minor character from ________.
The Rules of AttractionThe Rules of Attraction (film)Bret Easton EllisGlamorama

Question 4: Patrick Bateman - Serial killer from ________.
American PsychoBret Easton EllisGlamoramaAmerican Psycho (film)

Question 5: Said to have dated many men, including Q-Tip and ________ amongst others.
River PhoenixCharlize TheronPatrick SwayzeKeanu Reeves

Question 6: The book carries an epigraph from ________ 1.v.98.
William ShakespeareHamlet (bibliographies)Hamlet on screenHamlet

Question 7: 'He' misuses 'disinterestedly' twice, thinks 'imminently' means 'eminently', and claims never to have heard of the word 'mewling' despite using the word in his novel ________.
Bret Easton EllisGlamoramaAmerican PsychoAmerican Psycho (film)

Question 8: It is notable for being the first book written by Ellis to use past tense ________.
Narrative modeRhetorical modesNarrativeNarrator

Question 9: Porcupine Tree's album ________ is heavily influenced by Lunar Park [6], sharing many similar themes with the novel.
Steven WilsonDeadwingFear of a Blank PlanetPorcupine Tree discography

Question 10: Lunar Park is a novel by ________ with elements of faux autobiography and pastiche.
Less Than Zero (novel)The InformersAmerican PsychoBret Easton Ellis

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