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Luigi Cadorna: Quiz


Question 1: Nevertheless, he was made a Field Marshal (Maresciallo d'Italia) in 1924 when ________ seized power.
Benito MussoliniAxis powersItalian FascismFascism

Question 2: Additional forces were arrayed along the Trentino salient, attacking towards Rovereto, Trento, and ________.

Question 3: He was again offered the position in July 1914, as the Triple Entente and ________ girded for war.
Balkans Campaign (World War I)Central PowersSerbian Campaign (World War I)World War I

Question 4: During the course of war he fired 217 officers; during the ________ he would order the summary execution of officers whose units retreated.
Italian Campaign (World War I)Battle of the Piave RiverBattle of CaporettoBattle of Vittorio Veneto

Question 5: Cadorna was sacked and replaced by General Armando Diaz[6]; he was appointed as the Italian representant to the Allied Supreme War Council set up in ________.

Question 6: Luigi Cadorna was born to General Raffaele Cadorna in Verbania Pallanza, Piedmont in 1850, and he joined the ________ in 1868.
Italian ArmyItalyAlpiniRoyal Italian Army (1940–1946)

Question 7: The goal of these offensives was the fortress of ________, the capture of which would permit the Italian armies to pivot south and march on Trieste, or continue on to the Ljubliana Pass.
Doberdò del LagoSloveniaGoriziaGorizia and Gradisca


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