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Question 1:
Who played Banker the movie Luck?
Joe Washington
Imran Khan
Craig Hartley
Luke Kirby

Question 2:
What role did Jean Maissen play in the movie Luck?
Sylvia Templeton

Question 3:
Who played Gambler's Anonymous Moderator the movie Luck?
Jim Clark
Brad Wietersen
Luke Kirby
Noam Jenkins

Question 4:
Who played Pollard the movie Luck?
Danny Denzongpa
Luke Kirby
Noam Jenkins
Warner Richmond

Question 5:
Who played Alan Crosby the movie Luck?
Imran Khan
Edmund Breese
Danny Denzongpa
Jim Clark

Question 6:
Who played Fight Enthusiast the movie Luck?
Polly Moran
Alena Jutilla
Flora Finch
Chitrashi Rawat

Question 7: Numerology is ________ by nature and started when humans first learned to count.

Question 8:
Who played Margaret the movie Luck?
Sarah Polley
Polly Moran
Jean Maissen
Flora Finch

Question 9: One such activity is ________, a religious practice in which this belief is particularly strong.
PrayerMeditationReligionAbrahamic religions

Question 10:
What role did Brad Wietersen play in the movie Luck?
Robert Carter
Alan Crosby
Shane Bradley
Gambler's Anonymous Moderator

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