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Lower house: Quiz


Question 1: Second Chamber (Tweede Kamer) - ________

Question 2: Odelsting (Lower house in name only) ________
NorwayGermanyPolandUnited States

Question 3: Under ________ it is usually the lower house alone that designates the head of government or prime minister, and may remove them through a vote of no confidence.
CanadaUnited KingdomParliamentary systemBicameralism

Question 4: In a ________, given the sole power to impeach the executive (the upper house then has to try the impeachment).
United StatesParliamentary systemPresidential systemPhilippines

Question 5: A legislature composed of only one house is described as ________.
UnicameralismUnited StatesParliamentUnited Kingdom

Question 6: State Duma (Государственная Дума - Gosudarstvennaya Duma) - ________
RussiaUnited StatesRussian cultureMoscow

Question 7: Lok Sabha (House of the People) - ________
India and the Non-Aligned MovementIndiaIndian Air ForceResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 8: A lower house is one of two chambers of a ________ legislature, the other chamber being the upper house.
Abolished upper houseBicameralismUnited States SenateAustralian Senate

Question 9: National Assembly (hence also ________, German for federal assembly, although the German Bundestag is not considered the lower house of the parliament, but the parliament itself)
RiigikoguBundestagNational Assembly for WalesFolketing


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