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Question 1: This has traditionally been regarded as a spelling mistake (since minuscule is derived from the word minus[1]), but is now so common that some ________ tend to accept it as a nonstandard or variant spelling.
Bilingual dictionaryWordNetLexicographyDictionary

Question 2: These in turn formed the foundations for the Carolingian minuscule script, developed by ________ for use in the court of Charlemagne, which quickly spread across Europe.
NorthumbriaAlcuinBedeCarolingian Renaissance

Question 3: The term "lower case" comes from manual ________.
TypesettingTypefaceComputer fontBook design

Question 4: It is from these that the first minuscule hands developed, the ________ and cursive minuscule, which no longer stay bound between a pair of lines.
BlackletterUncial scriptTypefaceCapital letter

Question 5: The Samaritan alphabet also had lower-case letters, making it relatively unusual among ________ such as Hebrew, Syriac and Arabic, which tend to be written without case.
AbjadGreek alphabetGe'ez scriptAramaic alphabet

Question 6: The lower-case script for the ________ has its origins in the seventh century and acquired its quadrilinear form in the eighth century.
Hebrew alphabetGreek languageGreek alphabetPhoenician alphabet

Question 7: When written quickly with a ________, these tended to turn into rounder and much simpler forms, like uncials.
PenDip penBallpoint penFountain pen

Question 8: Originally ________ were written entirely in capital letters, spaced between well-defined upper and lower bounds.
Greek alphabetArabic alphabetLatin alphabetAlphabet


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