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Lower Peninsula of Michigan: Quiz


Question 1: Detroit Metropolitan Airport is one of the nation's most recently expanded and modernized airports with six major runways, and large aircraft maintenance facilities capable of servicing and repairing a ________.
Boeing 747Boeing 787Boeing 777Boeing 707

Question 2: Two of the top four pizza chains were founded in Michigan and are still headquartered there: Domino's Pizza by Tom Monaghan and ________ Pizza by Mike Ilitch.
Pizza HutLittle CaesarsCiCi's PizzaHappy's Pizza

Question 3: [9] In January 2009, President ________ formed an automotive task force in order to help the industry recover and achieve renewed prosperity for the region.
Barack ObamaJohn Edwards2004 Democratic National Convention2008 Democratic National Convention

Question 4: Michigan's infrastructure gives it a competitive edge; Michigan has 38 ________.
MozambiqueMalaysiaList of deep-water portsList of seaports

Question 5:
  • ________, a subregion of the Flint/Tri-Cities area
    Saginaw, MichiganSt. Clair County, MichiganMichiganThe Thumb

Question 6: [13] Michigan typically ranks third or fourth in overall Research & development (R&D) expenditures in the ________.
United StatesCanadaAlaskaPhilippines

Question 7: [14][15] Its research and development, which includes automotive, comprises a higher percentage of the state's overall ________ than for any other U.S.
JEL classification codesEconomicsEconomyGross domestic product

Question 8: During this economic crisis, President ________ extended loans from the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) funds in order to help the GM and Chrysler bridge the recession.
George H. W. BushDick CheneyRonald ReaganGeorge W. Bush

Question 9: At its widest points, the Lower Peninsula is 277 ________ (446 km) long from north to south and 195 miles (314 km) from east to west.
MileUnited StatesFoot (length)United States customary units

Question 10: This has led to several ________ creation myths for the area, one being that it is a hand print of Paul Bunyan, a giant lumberjack and favorite folk character in Michigan.


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