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Question 1: The only longwave transmission antenna realized with a height corresponding to a half radiated wavelength was ________.
Warsaw radio mastCN TowerKiev TV TowerEiffel Tower

Question 2: ________ in Japan (40 kHz and 60 kHz)
JJYDCF77Low frequencyRWM

Question 3: The British, German, Indian, Russian, Swedish, United States [2] and probably more ________ communicate with submarines on these frequencies.
Naval warfareNavyShipRoyal Navy

Question 4: In the western hemisphere, its main use is for aircraft beacon, navigation (________), information, and weather systems.
Global Positioning SystemDecca Navigator SystemLORANLongwave

Question 5: The ________-C radio navigation system operates on 100 kHz.
Decca Navigator SystemLongwaveLORANGlobal Positioning System

Question 6: Propagation by reflection (the actual mechanism is one of refraction) from the ________ is also possible.
Atmospheric electricityIonosphereRadio propagationGeomagnetic storm

Question 7: ________ in Mainflingen near Frankfurt am Main, Germany (77.5 kHz)
JJYRWMDCF77Radio clock

Question 8: Since these frequencies propagate by ________ only, the precision of time signals is not affected by varying propagation paths between the transmitter, the ionosphere, and the receiver.
ShortwaveElectromagnetic radiationRadio propagationSurface wave

Question 9: In Europe, and parts of Northern Africa and of Asia, part of the LF spectrum is used for ________ as the longwave band.
Medium waveShortwaveAM broadcastingAM stereo

Question 10: The height of mast antennas for ________ is around 190 meters for transmitters with radiated power below 500 kW, and around 400 meters for transmitters greater than 1000 kilowatts.
Decca Navigator SystemLORANGlobal Positioning SystemLongwave

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