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Question 1: For example, a comedy film made for $20 million would be considered a modest budget, whereas an ________ made for the same amount of money would be considered low budget.
Action filmHong Kong action cinemaMartial arts filmGirls with guns

Question 2: Films such as Juno, with a budget of $6.5 million and grossing $230 million worldwide, and ________, with a budget of $15 million and grossing over $360 million worldwide, have become very successful films.
No Country for Old Men (film)Slumdog Millionaire81st Academy AwardsBollywood

Question 3: A low-budget ________ is a motion picture shot on limited budget.
FilmFilmmakingIndependent filmMovie theater

Question 4: Another example would be the 1977 cult film ________, which cost only $10,000 to produce (though this is in 1977 dollars).
David LynchBlue Velvet (film)EraserheadTwin Peaks

Question 5: Director ________ had so much trouble securing funds that the film had to be made over a six year period, whenever Lynch could afford to shoot scenes.
Twin PeaksBlue Velvet (film)Mulholland Drive (film)David Lynch

Question 6: Another early example of a very successful low-budget film was the 1975 ________ "Curry Western" film Sholay, which cost Rs. 2 crore ($400,000) to produce and grossed Rs.
South Asian cinemaAsian cinemaBollywoodBengali cinema

Question 7: ________ cost less than $400,000 to make but its gross revenue was almost $50 million.
Jackass: The MovieThe Longest Yard (2005 film)Napoleon DynamiteCrossroads (2002 film)

Question 8: The most successful low-budget film was 1999's ________.
Cannibal HolocaustJaws (film)The Shining (film)The Blair Witch Project


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