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  • hundreds of love padlocks (pictured) have been attached to a fence in Pécs, Hungary by couples professing their commitment to one another?

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Question 1: ________, the bridge's operator, threatened to have the locks removed, but relented in the face of public opposition.

Question 2: Love padlocks can also be found in ________, near on the south-west corner (near the lakes) of "La Place Flagey, Ixelles".

Question 3: In Florence, Italy, love padlocks have been affixed to the railing around and near the statue of ________ located at the centre of the Ponte Vecchio.
RomePope Clement VIIBenvenuto CelliniMichelangelo

Question 4: This ‘wish lock’ phenomenon is spreading across the world, with the custom rapidly growing in ________.
Taiwanese aboriginesTaiwanPhilippinesTaiwanese people

Question 5: Love padlocks can be seen in ________'s "Two Lovers' Point" (Puntan dos Amantes).
TuvaluMarshall IslandsGuamPalau

Question 6: Love padlocks are a custom by which sweethearts affix ________ to a fence or similar public fixture to symbolise their love.
DrillLock (device)Bicycle lockPadlock

Question 7: Similar customs exist in Riga, the capital of ________, where married couples clamp padlocks on the railings of a bridge and throw the key into the lake below.

Question 8: The same happens in ________, on Ponte Milvio, in Ventimiglia, Italy on the Passerella Squarciafichi between the old town and the new part of the town and in Turin, Italy, in several parts of the city.

Question 9: Local authorities organised several attempts to discourage people from attaching the padlocks, by putting notices discouraging the activity throughout the town and removing the padlocks as ________.
Drug possessionCrimeVandalismKidnapping

Question 10: Probably encouraged by the example of Pécs, lovers of Miskolc, Hungary, have started to fasten padlocks on the fence of the bridge at Szinva Terrace in ________, a city in the northern part of the country.
MiskolcBorsod-Abaúj-Zemplén CountySárospatakSátoraljaújhely

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