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Love-shyness: Quiz


Question 1: Love-shy boys are vulnerable to bullying from their ________, due to their shyness and inhibition.
Erik EriksonPeer groupAdolescenceChild

Question 2: A number of the men also had a difficult time being born and sometimes needed a ________ to be performed.
Caesarean sectionObstetricsICD-9-CM Volume 3Surgery

Question 3: Love-shyness can also be associated with ________.
Sexual intercourseMarriageHuman sexual behaviorInvoluntary celibacy

Question 4: Gilmartin also noted that many love-shy men are not interested in ________ with other men.
FriendshipHuman bondingPolyamoryInterpersonal relationship

Question 5: He suggests several possible biological causes of love-shyness, including low maternal testosterone during fetal development, nasal polyps, and ________.
ICD-10 Chapter IV: Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseasesHypoglycemiaEpinephrineDiabetes mellitus

Question 6: Gilmartin's love-shy men were poorly-adjusted, as they were unhappy with their lives and high in rates of ________.
Major depressive disorderSocial anxiety disorderAnxiety disorderGeneralized anxiety disorder

Question 7: From the data Gilmartin uncovered about the love-shy's family life, they grew up in ________.
AbuseAngerDysfunctional familyShame

Question 8: He explores possible solutions for overcoming love-shyness, as well as the relationship between ________ and love-shyness.
Tourette syndromeRett syndromeAutismAsperger syndrome

Question 9: Years later when asked in an email, Gilmartin felt that 40% of severely love-shy men would have ________.
Asperger syndromeRett syndromeTourette syndromeAutism

Question 10: Some of the love-shys were partaking in ________ agencies, but the results of these efforts were not pursued in the study.
Mail-order brideUnited StatesRussiaVietnam

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